Supporting Wolf Studies & Your 4 Legged Friends.

About Wolf Milk

We believe the best healing agents come from Mother Earth. Plants have ancient wisdom and talk to us at all levels, healing from the inside out.

For four-leggeds and two-leggeds alike.

Wolves in the Wolf Milk Study

The caretakers of the wolves featured in the Shadowland Foundation Wolf Education Programs have decided to participate in a Study to track and calculate the benefits of these remarkable supplements on the overall health of their wolves. 

Meet Our Pack Family


“Friend to Everyone”

Takota is using Wolf Milk to combat pain and other issues related to his hip dysplasia.


“Kiyuska”                                                      Freedom is using Wolf Milk to help him with issues related to his sensitive digestive tract.


“Sacred”                                                         Wahkahn is using Wolf Milk to help with some insecurities such as claustrophobia.


“Apache Chief”                                            Cochise is using Wolf Milk to help promote healthy weight loss, and to help with any issues related to his hyper keratosis.


“Secret”                                                          Keme is using Wolf Milk to help her combat an auto-immune disorder called Pannus. We are hoping to reduce the amount of steroid ointment she was prescribed for the inflammation in her eyes. 


“Wild Rose”                                                   Ogin is using Wolf Milk to help combat the fact she is prone to benign cysts and to help her with her separation anxiety.


“Precious”                                                  Tehya is using Wolf Milk to treat joint pain from overactivity such as running, playing, and babysitting Wahkahn!


“Spirit”                                                          Kachina is using Wolf Milk for a more balanced appetite because she is prone to weight gain.


“Dove”                                                      Chenoa is using Wolf Milk to increase her appetite because she has a tendency to be a picky eater.

For Veterinarians

We are looking for veterinarians interested in partaking in our study and helping educate on the overall health benefits of supplements for canines and felines.