About Us

We are Paul and Colette Pondella. We are the founders of Shadowland Foundation. We graciously lend our nine Alaskan Timberwolves in our care to the Foundation for wolf education programs.

In 2008, Shadow, our namesake, was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma when she was just three years old. We did everything we could traditionally and alternatively to save her. She passed at the age of six in 2011.

Our Pack

 Although we have been extremely mindful of the diet the wolves eat, giving them healthy supplements, holistic and homeopathic remedies, our Alpha Female, Alaska passed from lung cancer at the age of thirteen.

No matter what we have done, the cancer prevention available to us did not work for her.

This gives us concern for our remaining pack members.

Thank you, Paul, Colette and the Wolves.