Shadowland Foundation

A registered 501(C)3 Nonprofit located in California.

Our Vision:

With our passion and programs, it is our greatest intention to expose the truth, educate and eradicate the myths and misconceptions about this magnificent, essential, yet most cast aside creature, the Wolf.  And in the end, we will save this species from possible extinction.


Our Mission:

Shadowland Foundation was founded to “Educate not Eradicate” the wolves in the wild. Paul Pondella, our Founder with the help of his wife and partner, Colette, decided to raise a pack of their own; knowing that in order to save the wolves they had to change the way wolves have been perceived for centuries.

“We have to change people’s hearts first; that will change their minds.” Paul knew that if we could socialize an entire pack of wolves and introduce them to people, the wolves would steal their hearts the way they had captivated ours. He was right.

Sponsor a Wolf

It costs $1,500 a month to feed our pack of nine Alaskan Timber wolves. That works out to $50 a day to feed the pack. $5 a day to feed one wolf. That’s one cup of coffee a day. 

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You can visit our website for information regarding our foundation, our educational programs, and scheduling a visit to meet our wolves.

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