Other Participants in the Study

Here we have testimonials sent to us by others using Wolf Milk. 


On Dec 31st, 2016 I was throwing a ball for my then 9 year old Border Collie Indy, when she suddenly yelped and started limping. She was already on a prescription med for her arthritis which caused her to lick her front arms incessantly, and she could hardly get up from her bed at night. The med wasn’t doing much to help her, but it was the best the vet could offer. I was hoping it might help her with this pain, but she continued to limp. Recently my husband and I attended a wolf and environmental education presentation at Shadowland Foundation. At the end of the presentation, I saw the Wolf Milk display and decided to try it for Indy.

I gave her two doses a day at only 0.3ml and she responded beautifully. Her arthritis pain was diminished even more than with the other hemp products I had used before, and for the first time the licking has completely stopped. The cost is so much more affordable, and I can use far less to achieve even better results.

Almost 3 years after her first injury, Indy injured her leg again 2 days ago. I was certain we were headed to the vet, but decided to increase her dose of Wolf Milk and wait for a couple days. I am happy to say, after only 2 days she is much improved and getting better each day.

Wolf Milk has improved Indy’s quality of life and made it much more affordable for me. She is now an active 12 year old, and Wolf Milk is helping her stay that way. Thank you so much for this amazing (and affordable) product.                                                                                        – Cindy E


We gave our dogs baths yesterday and our yellow lab Buster got “limp tail.” I looked it up and it can happen just from cold water. He was in so much pain he couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep. Finally at about 1am my husband said to give him some Wolf Milk. We use it for my border collie’s arthritis, but had never given it to Buster. In about 45 minutes, he settled down and went to sleep. His tail was really bothering him again this afternoon, so I gave him another dose of Wolf Milk and he’s snoozing happily now.                                                         -Cindy E